What are the Buds of Legal Marijuana?

There is a way to get legal marijuana buds on the market. But there is a legal limit that allows the marketing of marijuana in varieties with a low concentration of THC (we are talking about less than 0.2%). In this way, we find interesting alternatives such as buds from hemp. These are Cannabis fruits with high CBD content from legal hemp plants. This characteristic turns this Cannabis into marijuana100% legal for cosmetic or technical use.However, there was already a commercial type of hemp with high CBD contents. So, what is the difference, then, of this new legal marijuana compared to the one that already existed and where you can find this cannabis online?

Characteristics of Legal Marijuana

As we have pointed out, in the cannabis market there was already an offer of this type of flower from hemp and with properties geared towards therapeutic purposes. The problem that existed with these is that their organoleptic properties were not close to those of the original marijuana.

What are the Buds of Legal Marijuana?

But … Why, If It Is Marijuana, Does It Not Have A Marijuana Aroma?

This was due to the low concentration of terpenes of this type of flower. As many of you may know, terpenes are responsible for endowing marijuana with aroma and flavor and are located in trichomes. The strong point of this new type of legal Cannabis is that it retains concentrations of terpenes and cannabinoids that are very close to that of marijuana.

Effects of Legal Marijuana

The legal marijuana has THC content very limited. For the legislation to approve the marketing of such a plant, its THC content must not exceed 0.2%. In contrast, it has considerable CBD levels, which are around 8%. They are plants that are designed for anyone looking for an experience with Cannabis with psychoactive layering effects and relaxing physical properties.


We have seen that it is possible to buy cannabis online at House of Budz legally as they deliver the products at your doorstep and keeps the privacy. Numerous studies on CBD have proven the medicinal capabilities of this cannabinoid and we can affirm that it is a sector that is enjoying popularity and is on the rise.