Standard Aesthetic treatment procedure taught in Cosmetic Training

In this era where everyone wants to look attractive and beautiful, cosmetic companies have come up with various processes in this lucrative career to bring improvement in people’s appearance. Facial aesthetics education teaches the methods, techniques and principles to bring change in folks’ impressions.

Rejuvenecimiento facial Barcelona training center has offered comprehensive training that covers the vital parts regarding Aesthetic treatment. The following are some of the procedures they teach to enhance the appearance and looks of individuals.


Dermabrasion is an aesthetic procedure that was meant to remove chickenpox, Acne scars and accident scars and diseases. This procedure is always safe, especially those patients with fairer skin and those with dark skin. In this process, the clinician will discuss the benefits and dangers of these medications.


Microdermabrasion treatment eliminates the skin surface layer that has little rough grains. So, the numbing machine is not necessary for this procedure. This procedure is fast and gentle compared to Dermabrasion aesthetic procedure. It usually tends to rejuvenate and exfoliate the skin to make it appear bright and soft.

Chemical peels

The chemical peels are usually used to improve the skin’s look by applying chemical solutions. It should be applied consistently on the skin under clinician supervision.  Chemical peels medications also involve chemical solution that is used on the skin that assists to peel of the aged or damaged cells and unveils a smoother surface with no wrinkles.

Aesthetic treatment

Botox Treatment

Botox medication is usually purified in Botulin Toxin form that generally utilized to control wrinkles infection on the skin. When this medication is injected in the body, it will paralyze the entire nerves that soften the wrinkles appearance and contract muscles. It also prevents further wrinkles formation.

Dermal fillers

Dermal filler is also another form of aesthetic medication that was meant for wrinkles treatment. In the United States, they needed the FDA to approve this medication for wrinkle control. It also consists of soft tissues filler that is usually used to restore the damaged skin beauty that resulted from wrinkles formation. It does this by replacing the volume of the lost tissues and also filing the wrinkles and folds.


There are many medications of different forms that can be used to treat wrinkles and also to rejuvenate the skin such as Jevedern, Sculptra, Restylane, Radiesse etc. The aesthetic treatment course is extensive; this information is just like a summary of what you can learn from Rejuvenecimiento facial Barcelona training institute. So, visit their official website for more details.