Advantages of offshore VPS hosting which you ought to be aware of!

VPS stands for virtual private server which stores data in the form of a virtual server and where hosting is accomplished by segregating main physical servers into lots of virtual servers. Ok, allow me to explain all this in a jargon free language. In simple words, it is a sort of hosting that works as a bridge between dedicated and shared web hosting providing you the advantage of a very low cost like a shared server and complete control like a dedicated server. Take an example of a condominium where you have your space but still need to discuss some communal assets, same goes with the offshore VPS hosting in which you are the landlord of your own space but still enjoy the conveniences of a shared server community.

Today, more and more companies are picking VPS offshore hosting for their hosting requirements, what are the various reasons of its growing popularity, let’s take a peek at a number of its top advantages.

Full user control:

Unlike shared hosting, offshore VPS hosting offers a great deal more control over the area you have and over a number of the server resources also. It includes a root access and the ability to use scripts that is not allowed if you are on a shared server. There are absolutely no limitations and you can configure your server how you want like installing your favorite control panel along with other software whereas a shared hosting plan does not offer this much control and ability.

Flexibility and scalability:

These are two other benefits of offshore VPS hosting that cause users to go for a virtual server. Whatever your unique needs are, you purchase and pay for only what you really need as most of the VPS plans can be customized according to individual requirements.

Reliable performance:

This type of hosting includes a benefit of better performance. Unlike a shared server, all the hosted sites are powered with sufficient CPU resources, bandwidth and memory so users rarely face any downtime. Besides, as mentioned before, a VPS user has more control and root access, so that he can use this specific merit of offshore VPS hosting to improve the performance of its server too.

Enhanced security:

Offshore VPS hosting is considered a safer option as it has the ability to set up custom and strict firewalls. Shared hosting, on the other hand is risky due to the neighboring sites, if any of these sites get a safety threat, all of the other websites on the same server are most likely to get threads.

Price effectiveness:

Unlike a dedicated hosting plan, VPS has the benefit of an inexpensive price that makes it an affordable choice for many web masters. The resources almost match with a dedicated server and cost with a shared server, so it is a best option for medium size enterprises that require more funds but are facing some financial limitations.