LSCM: The Ultimate Guide To Know About

Logistics and Supply Chain MultiTech R&D Centre which is also abbreviated as LSCM was founded in 2006. This was mainly funded from the innovation as well as technology fund of the Government of Hong Kong.

The main purpose if LSCM to consider about 

The prime vision of LSCM is mentioned below:

  1. LSCM mainly focuses on being the main center of excellence in logistics, supply chain management, e-Commerce as well as some of the related industrial research.
  2. LSCM also aims to become a center of excellence to initiate as well as facilitate initial innovation as well as technology by some of the local industries. They also cooperate with some of the other industries as well as communities to accept innovation as well as technology.

This center has been authorized to be a one-stop resource for technology transfer, applied research, as well as commercialization.

Top facts to know about beidou navigation system

The network of satellites used by China’s navigation system mainly provides positional precision of under ten meters. BeiDouwas initiated by China in 1994.  The main aim is to integrate the said application in different sectors. Some of these sectors mainly include fishery, special care, agriculture, forestry, mass-market applications, as well as public security.

BeiDou mainly offers some of the services which include navigation, accurate positioning, short message communication as well as timing. This is convenient for use. Starting from searching for a great restaurant to finding the way to the dream location can be achieved by the navigation system. One will be able to save a great deal of time by using the navigation system

These applications can guide someone through the best possible routes as well as help to ensure that someone will reach their destination without having any problem.

These are some of the important facts to know about the Beidou navigation system.