Hiring a Car without Overspending

Today, car rental has become an expensive deal. You must have a good overview of the rental market before negotiating with a dealer. You can save a decent amount with the following helpful suggestions.

Internet markets

There are many car rental companies these days. You can check all the cheapest conditions to make the final decision.

Read tricks

Sometimes a speed that seems incredibly low may not be as slow. Also ask for additional and other fees that you will have to pay in addition to the actual rate.

Search for rewards or search for offers

Car rental companies often offer rewards in the form of discounts and cheap weekly rates. It is important to look at these rewards and discounts offered by different companies in different cases.

Do not pay extra

It is important to consider some little things that you should not pay. Some thai rent a carเชียงราย companies charge for extra mileage or for refueling a gas tank. Make sure you have unlimited mileage and there is no extra charge for using gasoline.

Additional insurance

Review your credit card agreement and insurance policy before signing a contract with a rental company. Some rental companies may have asked you to spend extra money a day on exemption from collision damage or any other insurance policy.


Some เช่ารถพร้อมคนขับเชียงราย 1000 companies offer discounts on pre-paid reservations online. You can pay by credit card online. But make sure that you read all the conditions and that you do not cancel the car before booking.


There are some useful tips to help you save money when working with car rental companies. Adhering to these points of view, you can not only enjoy the trip, but also reasonable rental rates.